Carpenters / joiners


Plumbers and heating engineers

Plasterers, and dry liners





Create entry into site and lay hard base for access & deliveries

Clear site, strip topsoil and store for re-use

Set out foundations (or by SB, architect or surveyor)

Excavate foundation trenches

Load spoil into dumpers for on site storage or removal by lorry

Clean out bottom of trenches and position pegs to mark surface level of concrete

Pour and level concrete foundations

Level out subsoil in oversite

Backfill trenches to outer wall

Position concrete floor beams on DPC and lay infill blocks between, and brush in grout

Or – compact hardcore to oversite, sand blind, lay DPM and insulation, and oversite concrete

Excavate trenches for drainage – both foul and surface water

Lay drainage runs on pea-shingle with pipe upstands through ground floor

Fill all below ground drainage by ‘haunching’ with pea shingle

Build inspection drainage chambers

Connect foul drainage to sewer (or up to legal boundary in street for drainage authority to connect)

Or – install private drainage system (e.g. septic tank) and weeper pipes or outlets

Construct soakaways and connect surface water drainage

Backfill drainage trenches

Excavate all water, gas & electric or oil supply pipe trenches and backfill when supplies laid

Carry out hard and soft landscaping and fencing

Lay driveways, paths and patios



               Lay foundation blockwork to DPC level (or by groundworkers)

               Fix lintels for drainage exit pipes, and cavity sleeving for services

Build in cranked ventilators for beam & block ground floors or airbricks (or by groundworkers)

Fill cavities to lean-mix concrete, to approx 225mm below DPC (or by groundworkers)

               Bed DPC

For suspended timber ground floors only, bed timber floor plates and build any sub-floor sleeper walls

Build superstructure walls in brick and blockwork

Clean off excess or spilled mortar to face of brickwork and cavities as work progresses

Install cavity insulation and all wall ties as walls are built

Fix cavity closers to reveals of window & door openings

               Fix frames for windows & doors

               Build in meter boxes

               Bed lintels over openings, and fit cavity trays over lintel with weep holes to walls

Lay padstones to support ends and position any beams

Bed wallplate

Build up gable ends

Build chimney stack through roof

Build masonry chimney liners

Build brick fireplaces

Point up flashings

Make good any damage, e.g. holes from scaffold putlogs

Build garden walls


Carpenters / joiners

First Fix

               For suspended timber ground floors only: cut and lay beams and floorboards

               Cut and lay first floor joists, trimmers and noggins

               Fix door linings (casings) to openings in ground floor blockwork

               Lay first floor decking (boards or chipboard)

               Construct studwork internal walls and partitioning (mainly upper floors)

               Fix insulation to studwork walls (and timber floors where necessary)

               Install window boards

               Install staircase flight

               Prepare and fix garage door frames

               Hang temporary external doors

               Construct tank decks in loft (if not pressurised system)

               Board out loft (if required)

               Fit kitchen units carcassing

Roof structure

Erect roof trusses or construct traditional cut timber roof structure, including any hips, valleys, dormers  roof lights, and construct subsidiary roofs such as bays and porches, and (only in Scotland) lay timber sarking boarding

               Fix fascias and soffits, including any vents

               Fix bargeboards

Second Fix     

               Box out pipework

               Lay insulation to timber floors, and decking for any floating floors

               Assemble and fit stair newel posts, rails and balustrading

               Fix skirting, architraves, and timber mouldings

               Fit patio doors or ‘French windows’

               Fit garage doors

               Build fitted wardrobes and cupboards and fit out including slatted shelves to airing cupboard

               Fit loft hatch and loft ladder

               Fit timber floor coverings

               Hang external doors

               Hang internal doors

               Complete kitchen units



               Lay breather membrane ‘underfelt’ across rafters and rough batten

               Lay warm (outer layer) insulation

Fix counter battens

Fix GRP valleys (plumber or leadworker lay lead valleys)

Or - lay valley tiles

               Bed undercloak at gable verges

Gauge and fix battens to suit tiles or slates

Lay and secure roof tiles or slates

Bed ridge and hip tiles

Point up verges (to gap between underside of tiles and undercloak)

Fit lead flashings to chimneys and roof/wall abutments

Interleave lead soakers

Fit skirts to vent pipes and flues projecting through roof

Clean off excess or spilled mortar


Plumbers and heating engineers

               Install standpipe for site water supply

               Lay 1st fix supply pipework  and CH pipes

               Place cold water and header tanks in loft  (where not pressurised system)

               Run gas supply pipes for boiler and outlet pipes

               Make up lead flashings and soakers for roof

               Fix guttering and downpipes (or labourers)

Fix vent pipes through drainage upstands and take through roof slope

Fix skirts to vent pipes

Fit hot water cylinder

Install and connect up CH rads

               Install and connect up UFH loops to the manifold

Fit boiler and connect to system (power supply and bonding by electrician)

Attend to flues and chimney liners

Connect boiler to fuel supply (gas, oil, LPG etc), fire up boiler and commission system

 Fit sanitary ware and connect to h&c supply and waste

 Plumb in kitchen and utility sinks, washing machines, dishwashers etc

 Lag all exposed supply pipes



               Install temporary building supply

               Install and connect earthing rod

First Fix      

Lay carcassing witring for circuits, drilling joists where necessary

               Fix backplates for switches, sockets and controls

Second Fix    

Fit and wire up switch and socket faceplates and controls

               Fit and wire up pendants and light fittings

Fit and wire up external lighting

Fit and wire up extractor fans and cooker hoods

Cross bond and earth pipes and sanitaryware

Fit and wire up consumer unit

Wire up thermostats and programmers

 Attend to wiring and testing of boiler and CH (with plumber)


Plasterers and dry liners

               Tack ceilings with plasterboard

               Dry line inner main walls as necessary

Tape and fill joints, and fix all beading and lathing

Skim boarded walls and ceilings

Float and set masonry walls

               Fix any mouldings and coving

Render external walls

Screed floors


               Snag and rub down wall and ceiling surfaces

               Fill holes and blemishes

Rub down joinery and fill and knot all timber to be painted

Prime or undercoat all internal and external joinery and 2nd fix timber

 Gloss paint or stain all internal and external joinery

 Paint walls with one mist coat emulsion and one top coat

 Paint ceilings with 2 coats emulsion

 Paint external render with 2 coats masonry paint



               Lay all floor tiles with suitable adhesive

               Grout all tiles

               Fix all wall tiles using spacers

               Grout wall tiles



               Humping and offloading materials

Fit loft ceiling insulation

Fitting rainwater goods?





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