Typical Selfbuild costs


Plot purchase cost

From ¼ to ½ total budget

Site investigations – checking ground conditions

May not be required

Acquisition costs:

                Solicitors fees

                Stamp duty


Professional measured site survey

Usually required except for simplest sites

Site clearance and security costs

May not be required, on only very minor work to make site safe

Public liability insurance

Cover yourself in case of accidents before work starts



Mortgage funding

Funds for SB mortgage

Mortgage valuation and legal fees

Vary with lenders

Selling existing property

Sell privately online, or allow 3 % of sale price for agents fees



Professional fees

Architects fees

Depends on extent of brief. % or hourly rate

         Building Regs drawing package



Several hundred £

Engineer’s fees

Agreed sum or hourly rate

Planning fees

From £300 (VAT not charged)

Planning consultant / appeal fees

Not normally required, but can be expensive

Building Regs LA app fees

Typically around £250+VAT

Building Regs inspection fee

Around £ 300+VAT

QS fees

Not usually essential



Site Costs

Construction of house

(to include all kitchen & bathroom fittings)

Estimate  £ per sq m

External works

Driveway or possible new road access

Contingency sum

Minimum 5% to 10% of build costs -  usually spent

Accommodation during build

Mobile home, rental, extra mortgage costs

Service connections – water, drainage electricity, gas

Varies depending on supplier and site – can cost may £’000 pounds

Project management



        NHBC / Zurich

        Architects certificate



       Employer’s liability

       Contractor insurance


Only if you DIY manage it yourself, otherwise up to main contractor



  Moving house

  Removal costs


  New home furniture


  Agents’ sale fees


  Conveyancing sale fees


  Agents’ sale fees


  Conveyancing fees on sale


  Mortgage redemption fees






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