Home and family are two of the most important things in life to many people; and as a result keeping them both safe and covered should something happen is of great importance as well. But what can you do to keep yourself protected?

There are a few options available, but home insurance is a good first step. Keeping your possessions protected is often quite cheap and easy to do, but there are a few things you can do that can make this even cheaper.

Joining a neighbourhood watch scheme is one great way to not only save money on your home and contents insurance (You can save up to 5% on your home insurance quotes just by joining), but this also makes you part of a community built around keeping each other safe, meaning there is less chance of you ever having to make that home insurance claim in the first place.

The other thing you can do to not only keep your home safe but your insurance premiums down is improve the security of your home. This can seem expensive initially, but when you consider that the average theft inconveniences the British homeowner by an average of £2000, it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

The level of security you want is entirely up to you; whether you simply want to fit additional locks, install a motion sensitive light or do something a little more involved such as fit an alarm system, all of these will keep you that little bit safer. If you’re fitting an alarm, however, make sure it is NACOSS certified, as this will save you yet more on your insurance.

Remember, the best security is prevention – homes that have been burgled once are statistically more likely to be burgled again, as the thieves know that not only was it possible for them to enter the property, but in a few months time, the items stolen will have been replaced with new ones, and they also know when you are likely to be out. However, a good quality alarm that will scare intruders off is a good second line of defence; although you are covered by your home insurance, it is a stressful process that many people will not want to deal with while attempting to cope with a theft from their homes.




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